Social Vitality? This is how it works.

Growing up as digital natives, Manfred Erlandsson and Johannes Gustavsson quickly understood how to create and promote compelling, engaging, and effective content. With a combined audience of over 600 000 followers, Erlandsson and Gustavsson have greater social media literacy than most professionals with decades of experience. The duo decided to join forces, leveraging their expertise and creating a new business model for a new era.

Today, Social Vitality is a unique powerhouse – discovering, developing, and amplifying the world's most effective social media brands. Once identified, Social Vitality purchases the most promising accounts and continues to operate them – delivering quality content and growing their audiences. With large, active followings, these accounts can monetize in new ways, working with affiliates and advertisers to promote relevant products and services. The Social Vitality model works by serving the interests of all parties: building social media presences, serving professional content to followers, and helping advertisers connect with new, relevant audiences – endorsed by the brands they already trust.